I really got a lot of improvement.

上海 青浦区

Since I have received the letter from Mr Long, I have done with the lesson 83 where refer to the importance of reading and writing. From then on, I decided to write more comments here in English. Maybe I will make some mistakes, no problem - just do it! I really should have applied the advices or approaches in the Third Ear to my study earlier. Once, I found myself crawling there on my learning so that I doubted if the Kungfuenglish was useful. But when I checked the whole process of my learning, I found I covered the "Kungfuenglish "with my own old methods. So, I had a rough time. Therefore, I told to myself: to be a follower (first), then to be a master. Wow, it turned out that I made a big progress which really surprised me. I've got more confidence. I think I' m really on the way to learning English easily and effectively.