It's a Happy Day!


Hello,The first I think I should thank you! Thank your lessons and email.Now I can hear a little simple sentences, I can also say a little. For example: How are you? I am fine. And you? I am not bad. You seem very happy! Why do you so happy? can you share with me? Certainly.

Because I have learned to say a little Engish and hear them. I want to introduce my interesting now. I like jogging and walking in gym. My husband don't like it. He is lazier than I. I like eating fruit every husband and I like to do different things. I often have supper at six o'clock in the evening .I usually see my younger sister about ten o'clock Saturday morning. We sometimes go shopping together . I bought a skirt last weekend .My husband asked how much it is ? I told him three hundred and forty. I prefer light one,I don't like dark one. I like green the most.