Learn English with the Greatest Ease and Most Fun

Dear service of Kungfu English, Good Morning ! I'm very happy to receive Email from you. I finished lesson 41 just now , and read this Email about lesson 41, This is a very important and useful Email for me , Thank you very much! I can understand 100% of this Email. Yeah, That's a very good goal , I hope that I'll be able to read and understand all the main ideas of The Third Ear in English, I'll understand the stories and the concepts. In this class , I understand that: We can learn English quickly and easily with our natural talent at language. After all , we mastered our mother tongue , when we came into the world ,with no words and no grammar. Somehow, we still speak fluently . Follow The Third Ear , We can know that how to learn English with the greatest easy and the morst fun. Practice every day a little bit , I can achieve the goal one day :) Best wishes Hannebaby