I Enjoy Using Kungfu English Everyday!


I've learned a Metaphor of "stickler" from the lesson 69. Think of myself, I have always been a stickler for perfection. I majored in computer science when I was at college. So I've always been doing things through abstract and reasonable thinking, especially in programming and algorithm used in my software. This is absolutely correct in the interactions between human and machine(computer, not only PC), because there is not ambiguous in the mind of a machine.(So far, AI is still a long way away from ideal status.) However this sort of thinking and habit of doing things(思维方式和做事习惯) became a obstacle to me for learning English. Till I met the Kungfuenglish, things had been changed. Now, I am learning English in a way more effectively and readily. I really enjoy the time with kungfuenglish App everyday! Thanks!

Best regards, Rock