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It's really helpful

I felt happy every time when I was receiving e-mails from the Kungfu lesson system, it makes me felt under taking care of . Rios and kfe_ying always be patient to me, if I had asked any questions on learning process, especially Rios. He gave me a lot of encouragement and achievements which are very very important for me to insist on hard working in English. I also enjoy the time that I wrote my requirements in English, and yet Rios's feedback were in English. It's really helpful, because of this, I could reply the e-mail by using English. Hope it make sense.


Dear Sunny, 附件是我参加功夫英语达人秀的英语和中文视频共2个、中英文文档共2个,请查收,谢谢! 感谢您对我的鼓励和帮助,让我有更多的锻炼自己学习英语的机会,谢谢! 关于英文视频,我感觉自己读一句话跟读一个单词时的口型没那么到位。 关于中文视频,最后一段的致谢我念了多遍,请以最后一遍为准。 如有机会入选功夫英语达人秀的分享,那就要劳烦影片编辑帮忙剪辑了,谢谢!


第二节课和第三节有比较认真的跟着facefonics 学习,今天在做第三节课测试的时候惊奇地发现,凭着发音我可以正确地写下某个不认识的单词,尽管这些单词都比较简单,但还是让我很高兴。希望这种好的学习态势可以一直保持…